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New England Warehousing Logistics: The “Value” in Our Value-Added Services

We offer the following value-added services to our customers:

  • Turn-Key Supply Chain Solutions
  • Custom Barcoding and Labeling
  • Custom Reporting
  • Dedicated Customer Service

Yet, we often get asked what these services can actually accomplish for our clients. The benefits are endless, but we thought we’d share some of the ones our clients are often most excited about!

Improved Efficiency

A warehousing service that provides Turn-Key Supply Chain Solutions and Custom Barcoding and Labeling can help streamline the inventory management process for a growing business. With accurate inventory tracking, the business can reduce errors and save time and resources.

Accuracy is important to customer satisfaction as much as it is revenue. Precise warehousing and logistics mean easy but intuitive tools at your disposal.


As a business grows, it needs flexible operations. By utilizing services such as Turn-Key Supply Chain Solutions and Custom Barcoding and Labeling, a business can quickly adjust its warehousing operations to meet changing demands.

We provide warehousing that simply works. You can hit the ground running and suffer little to no delay during your transition to our service.

Enhanced Customer Service

Dedicated Customer Service can ensure that orders are fulfilled promptly and that customer inquiries or concerns are handled professionally.

As technology evolves, customer service will always remain the most important component to any business’s growth, no matter how streamlined their logistical backend is.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing warehousing services that offer customized solutions can help a business reduce in-house staffing and infrastructure costs. By minimizing errors and inventory damage, a business can avoid costly mistakes.

Why reinvent the wheel when you have a company like ours that has already perfected it? We have the systems, space, and relationships in place to turn your inventory headache into a point of pride.

Better Data Insights

Custom Reporting provides a business with real-time data and analytics, offering insights into inventory trends that can help forecast future demand. This can lead to more informed decisions and improved profitability.

Putting the “puzzle” of supply and demand together is much easier when you can see the complete picture. Data insights give you the perspective to know that you’re headed in the right direction.

Competitive Edge

By providing efficient and reliable services to customers through Turn-Key Supply Chain Solutions and Custom Barcoding and Labeling, a business can differentiate itself from competitors. This, along with dedicated customer service, can help boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Being competitive doesn’t always mean being first (although it helps.) Customer retention means providing a friendly buying experience. Plus, with our tools and solutions, you can be first and best at the same time.

Regulatory Compliance

A warehousing service that provides customized solutions can help a growing business comply with complex regulatory requirements for inventory management. This includes adhering to labeling and tracking regulations that can be challenging to navigate on one’s own.

You have other aspects of your business to think about. Don’t make unnecessary mistakes because you’re navigating blindly. Let us handle it.


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