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The Benefits of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

One of the services we offer as a third-party logistics company (3PL) is something called electronic data interchange (EDI.) Many of our clients aren’t aware of what EDI is, and how beneficial it can be to the productivity of their business.

EDI is just one perk of using a 3PL—it’s one tool in our arsenal of more precise and efficient logistics that streamline the backend of your business and improve customer-facing functionality. We thought we’d dive into EDI and why it’s an important component of a modern company.

Going Paperless Saves You Storage

EDI is a fully digital process. For e-commerce, companies with minimal storage, or franchises that need shared documentation, paperless can be a quick and easy way to maintain your records. Turning towards digital doesn’t mean you have to get rid of paper all together. Many businesses use EDI for streaming things like invoices, purchase orders, and statements so the information is quickly transferred while also establishing a hard paper copy for essential information -ensuring every piece of information is at your fingertips.

Digital Exchanges Are Faster & More Precise

Don’t get us wrong—we love the mail. Our business relies on the processing of mailing things from point A to point B. However, no one would argue that digital exchanges are monumentally faster than paper ones. Not only that—EDI is an automated exchange, which means it is both faster and more precise.

EDI is Computer to Computer; There’s No Middleman

EDI exchanges occur computer-to-computer, which means there is no one handling the process between the sender and recipient. Direct exchanges are faster, more secure, and less prone to inaccuracies since there is less of a human element involved.

Revolutionize Business Document Transfer with EDI

Business document transfer is a necessary evil when it comes to business logistics. Invoices, purchase orders, billing statements—they’re all needed to keep track of the comings and goings of your business. However, for some companies that exist solely in a digital space, keeping digital paperwork just makes sense.

Using EDI means storing thousands and thousands of pounds of documentation digitally, where it is easily searchable, automatically indexable, and takes up no space at all in the process. As a 3PL, we’re happy to offer this service as just one of the ways we streamline your operations for continued growth.

Are you interested in a 3PL? Look no further—reach out to us today.

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