Investing in the latest technologies has helped Sulco Warehousing & Logistics and Lancer Transportation & Logistics maintain its leadership position in the third party logistics industry. With state-of-the-art hardware, software and business applications, we are able to provide highly accurate, real-time information that can be used to integrate seamlessly with your supply chain management or ERP systems.

Warehousing & Logistics and Lancer Transportation & Logistics provides on-line access (via the internet) for customers, giving them visibility to all aspects of their business. Our customers use our Internet fulfillment and distribution capabilities to integrate directly into their business systems providing seamless visibility to their supply chain.

In today’s dynamic business environment, top-notch systems are needed to reduce the costs of doing business and to set your company apart from the competition. You can rest assured; we will never lose sight of this fact.

  • Warehouse management
  • Transportation management
  • Slot locator system
  • Batch / lot / serial # / date code control
  • System driven product rotation (user defined)
  • EDI
  • Order processing
  • Billing
  • Management reporting
  • Inventory reporting
  • Statistical analysis reporting
  • Labor reporting
  • RF & Bar code
  • Rating
  • Pick & pack
  • Physical inventory
  • Routing Optimization
  • Client access

Systems WMS-TMS


Sulco Warehousing & Logistics utilizes the Accellos One 3PL Warehouse Management system which is a WMS designed specifically for the 3PL industry. Our WMS provides a tremendous amount of flexibility while improving accuracy and monitoring productivity and efficiency in the warehouse.


  • Client access through web portal (e-Vista)
  • RF & Barcoding
  • Inventory allocation engine
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Cycle counting
  • Catch weights
  • Space optimization
  • Directed put away
  • Appointment management
  • Documents/reporting/EDI
  • Configurable work flow
  • Alert and notification management
  • Key performance indicators
  • Issue management and tracking
  • Client centric allocation and flow
  • Inventory entity management
  • Labor forecasting
  • Labor tracking
  • Employee productivity
  • Customer labor costing
  • Facility labor costing


Lancer Transportation & Logistics utilizes the Accellos One Transport Transportation Management System which is a dynamic transportation management planning system. Accellos One Transport allows for a wide range of planning considerations such as customer appointments, consolidations, and equipment specific requirements

  • Customer appointment tracking capabilities
  • Real-time GPS tracking capability of vehicles
  • Extensive custom “Alert” system for event management
  • Mobile computing providing real-time transaction posting of delivery actions
  • Delivery confirmations via web, email or EDI
  • Load and route optimization for efficient planning
  • Customer access to shipment information and status via web portal
  • Electronic load tendering and shipment status messaging
  • Optimization of multi-modal movements
  • Transportation mode and carrier selection
  • Manages consolidated orders, loads and multiple leg trips
  • Drayage & Intermodal pickups, deliveries and tracking
  • Electronic billing and invoicing
  • Third party carrier management
  • Stop specific business rules manage delivery appointments and retail requirements
  • Cost analysis including fuel surcharge and material handling
  • Client Access thru web portal – Accellosone Anywhere


Sulco Warehousing & Logistics and Lancer Transportation & Logistics utilizes Ramp Systems Interchange EDI system which is a powerful suite of tools that enables the creation and deployment of a robust eCommerce capability. With such a configurable and flexible platform to work with, Sulco Warehousing & Logistics and Lancer Transportation & Logistic is able to quickly and inexpensively develop and deploy an EDI solution that provides for the efficient transfer of data and information between our systems and those of our customers.


Interchange provides complete and fully configurable support for the following business documents:

  • EDI X12 and all subsets (VICS, UCS)
  • Rosetta Net XML
  • Biztalk XML
  • Custom XML
  • Simple and Complex Custom Flat File

Interchange enables business and application documents to be exchanged using the following mechanisms:

  • AS1
  • AS2
  • RosettaNet
  • POP3
  • SMTP
  • Disk/Network


With our state-of-the-art warehouse management system we track all inventory movement by utilizing our Barcode Radio Frequency (RF) scanning technology. We have the ability to utilize your own barcodes for tracking purposes or, if you don’t have barcodes, we can produce custom barcodes for you.

Custom Reporting

Sulco Warehousing & Logistics and Lancer Transportation utilizes Crystal Reporting Software to create custom reports. These custom reports can be scheduled to run and to be emailed directly to our clients. The custom reports can be sent as often as multiple times a day to once a month.

The type of custom reports can vary also. Sulco Warehousing & Logistics and Lancer Transportation can send the following types of reports:

  • Transportation Transactional Reporting
  • Warehouse Transactional Reporting
  • Receipt Details
  • Shipment Details
  • Inventory by FIFO Date
  • Inventory with Storage Location
  • Damage and Hold Stock Reports
  • Detail and Summary of On Hand Inventory
  • Detail and Summary of Transportation Pros